BG2MVG 07: Quick update on what we’ve been up to

In this series of posts, I describe the process of me making a brand new 2d platformer from scratch. You can read the intro to this series here.

Also, this series is called a “guide” but it does not mean anyone should do things the way I am, it’s just the description of my action, which can be used as a guideline for someone who has never been developing games. Or you might be better off doing just the opposite of what I say=).

Hello everyone.

Last time I’ve published a short demonstration of the gameplay we have. Today  I will not be covering any specific topic. instead I’ll just bring you up to date with what we’ve been up to lately. I know, I promised an article about the story but it proved to be slightly more challenging than I’ve anticipated. Nevertheless it will be published soon.

OK, for the past couple of weeks we have been working on two major systems of our platformer game (man, we really need to come up with the name) and now we have a potent system of moving anything the way we want from platforms to…well… platforms ;). Second major system we’ve implemented is the “gun” system. No, your avatar shall not use it. It’s the environment that will do the shooting. And this means 2 things:

  1. Chances are there will be an article about those two systems, (if I come up with enough interesting stuff about them)
  2. Moving stuff and shooting stuff (besides stuff that does not move) is enough to make a decent platformer game. If course we do want not to play it safe and are will add more mechanics, but it will be enough to make first chapter of the game (think of the first world in Super Meat Boy or even first 1.5 worlds). And this first chapter is what we want to be completed before we launch a Greenlight campaign as well as the IndieGoGo campaign.

All that’s left is to take those mechanics and make first 25-30 levels out of them.

Secondly, we’ve reached the point of “no more hindsight” as I have discussed everything we’ve already done, so from now on it’s “currently in active development” stuff I’ll be writing about.

Thirdly, last couple of days I’ve been revising all the levels I’ve created so far. There are 2 reasons for doing that:

  1. Due to technical constraints the size of the player ans level geometry had to be altered, which led to necessity of alterations of the levels
  2. As we’ve created our object movement system and “guns” they were to be weaved into the levels without breaking the learning curve.

If you think this series could be interesting and have not yet subscribed to this blog – feel free to do so. Do not forget to share this post and comment on it, we really could use some publicity. Thanks!

Good bye and we’ll see what happens next!


We are looking for a 2d artist who would help us determine the visual style of the game (our thoughts on this matter will be discussed in the next article) and aid in prepping crowdfunding campaign.

If interested, please, contact me!

Skype: arseny1987



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