Stuff’n’Stuff 06: Otaku, the Game


I am working on a kick-ass game called Otaku where you literally kick asses. And if you don’t, you do everything you can to have sex.

Logo 10

The game is about Japanese virgin in his mid-thirties who hopes to to get laid in Miami. On this noble quest he will encounter drug dealers, big time criminals, idiots, DEA agents, strippers and the Federal Unit of Coitus Keep-out who stand for family values.

In order to complete this game I need money. And I need money to get that money. $500 would be a good start. Let me remind you: Florida, strippers and family values. Only $500. Of course you are free to donate any amount you want. Oh, have I mentioned strippers? OK. Go to IndieGoGO make a donation!

Oh, yeah, thanks for reading.
Double thanks for donating.
Extra thanks for telling everyone you know.

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