Stuff’n’Stuff 01: From Russia with Love

Hello everyone!

This is the first time I’m writing a blog post. I have no idea how it’s going to unfold, but knowing myself I’d expect vulgar jokes, obscene language, discussions of violence, provocative thoughts and other fun stuff (but don’t forget that it’s just my opinion). Maybe not in the first post, but in later ones. Or maybe not at all.

There are three reason I think this blog will be useful for me:

  1. My English isn’t that good, and practice might help me upgrade this skill
  2. Self-reflection and observation leads to personal improvement and development
  3. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw some attention and peer base. After all I’m going to talk about my game-design experience as well as my attempts to assemble a team and create a brand new game.

But where are my manners…

My name is Arseniy, pleased to meet you.

I was born September 26, 1987. Not that it matters a lot but still, for me that event is kinda important.

I live in central Russia, so I’ accustomed to drunken bears driving bicycles and stuff like that.

I’m in game design slightly longer than 1 year. During this time I had worked on 3 already released at that time titles. I also was in charge of development of a brand new social beat’em up “Ruffian”.

I’m really proud of what kind of game my team managed to create (especially given the fact that only 3 people were working on it for 8 month, and the initial course was not defined – the latter is not my fault), but I have to admit – its game design sucks and I am to be blamed for this.

Not to worry though, lots of stuff that went wrong is pretty much clear and is being changed, so fingers crossed.

I guess that’ll do for my first post, and we’ll see what happens next.