Black Cat Project 02: Postmortem.

As you might be aware several days ago I have launched the Black Cat Project. It was a huge success – Windows version was downloaded  4 times (including one time by myself). Linux version performed a little bit less impressive with only 2 downloads (again one of them was mine). Hardly a surprise as Linux is yet to become popular gaming platform. Anyway great success requires a postmortem so here it is!

But first a short list of Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Really? Someone asked questions?
A: No.

Q: Are you an idiot?
A: God, I hope not!

Q: Are you serious?
A: About being an idiot – yes. About the game – no. It’s a joke.

Now, that it’s out of the way, to the postmortem.

It’s kinda fun to look at the project and remember that distant past when it was merely an idea and everything could have become completely different.

Some people create game based on the gameplay idea, some prefer to make the story to become game’s foundation. Of course the best way is in between but I based Black Cat on the core mechanic. Funny story, though I instantly settled on the mechanic, it could be a game of completely another genre. It could be a tamagochi-like digital pet. It could be an illustration of quantum entanglement nature, commonly known thanks to the famous Schrödinger’s cat. I chose the “find hidden object” genre though, mostly because I’m fairly familiar with its premise for every morning I have to look for my socks in a poorly lit room.

I figured that a game about my socks would not be an interesting one. Moreover I do not know any ancient Chinese quotes about socks so I went with cats. And this is how the Black Cat was born!

If for some reason you are interested here are some links:

Thanks for reading and have fun!