BG2MVG11: Update

Hi there.

So, last time I mentioned that we were undergoing transition to 3D. Indeed we played around with this concept, and found out that

  • It requires way to much effort
  • It looks COOL
  • It is harder to navigate which requires challenges to be altered and simplified
  • It looks really COOL

The pros and cons were close, obviously, but with pain in my heart I have to say that we have rejected three-dimensionality and returned to 2d.

The “story” was altered but that deserves its own post (one that I promise to write since July).

Anyway, we’ve had some progress. I mean that we’ve finally implemented proper progression and death. Well, not death, but death, death, death, DEATH. Because it happens a lot.

What we need to do now is:

  • Graphics
  • A bit of polish
  • A name for this game

And we’ll be ready to upload playable demo in the net!

So stay tuned and we’ll see what happens next =)