Black Cat Project 01: Reveal

Hello everyone!


As you may see the main menu of my blog now has one new thing to click. It leads to the official page of my brand-new project. It might come as a shock, but I managed to pull it off without any external help and in a rather short period of time.

The project (I deliberately avoid term “game”) can be classified as “find hidden object”, but with a couple of twists. I’m not going to spoil the fun, but I should warn that Black Cat has rather unusual and experimental game design.

One of the key features of the Black Cat Project is that once you know the rules you can play it on any device you have including but not limited to TV sets, Nokia 3120, switched off displays, refrigerators or walls. Hell, you will not even need those to be successful in this game.

If you are into tech stuff like how have I managed to achieve it – I used Unity4 and a bit of controversial imagination. The former is free while the latter usually costs me dearly.

Note that this is just the first version of the game. I strongly believe it can be improved. My primary goal is to add more realistic lighting and complex particle system.

Also, in order to make more serious games (in some sense) I could use some money. So if you kinda like the Black Cat, feel free to donate. Or just tell about this project to someone. Sharing links are right below this post.

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Please, leave your comments, I’m dying to read them!

Hope you like Black Cat and we’ll see what happens next!