BG2MVG 01: A New Start

Hello everyone.

It’s been only couple of hours since I quit my game-designer job in a successful company which develops games for social networks.

So, I’m here to make an announcement – I’m going to make a game. My guess is that you are not excited, are you? Well if I were Cliffy B or Phil Fish or someone remotely famous you might care, but since nobody knows me, why would you, right? Here’s the catch – I will walk you through the whole development process, from start to finish (regardless of what kind of finish it is going to be).

Together we will discuss everything (yay, transparency) – idea, core mechanics, prototyping, iterating; we’ll settle on the “feel” of the game, it’s story, visual presentation; I’m going to submit it on Steam and create an IndieGoGo campaign and share this experience with you; I will try to talk to you, to press, or maybe even to Team Meat (if I have the stones to do so) in an attempt to build a community, and you will be watching and participating, if you wish to do so. And the best part – no hindsight (maybe just a little bit, but not for long).

I will be doing lots of things I’ve never done before. Like all of the stuff after the “visual presentation” part. So there will be mistakes – and therefore lessons.  It’s like a reality show, but about games. Of course I do not want to tell everything – some things are boring, and some will spoil the fun of playing the game. So I will try to be transparent, but avoid spoilers.

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In the next post we will come up with an idea, choose a suitable genre for it, define the target platform and audience and pick the engine (spoiler – it’s going to be Unity). If you have not yet subscribed to my blog, now would be a good time. Also, feel free to comment on this post, and do not forget to share it to your peers=)

Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens next!