SLIDE – demo available!

Hi there!

Last couple of weeks were interesting.

First of all I’ve created a demo version with 10 first levels for everyone to play. Yay.

And I had to come up with the name for the game. So, it’s called SLIDE. Because we have a nice sliding mechanic =)

Also, there is an open indie game festival happening in Russia and I am participating. I cannot say that there was that whole lots of feedback, but the precious few comments are actually not bad and helpful. Whether the haters do not post stuff or the game is universally likable I do not know. but what’s important is that there are people who like it.

Also I’ve spent like 7 days working on the hero, but I have to admit I was not able to produce anything I would like – my modelling and animation skills are not much worse than my taste level, I guess… That lead to bad mood and I was hugely discouraged, which resulted in a real strong decline of productivity. Quite conveniently there was a TESO beta happening right at that time, so I took 2 day-offs and had a good rest from my game. I’ve replaced the orange ball with the orange low=poly ball for now, and I would have to resume to the avatar later, but now I just can’t waste more time on it((

Last 4 days I was not creating new content – I was reorganizing the project – brought some order in the naming convention, asset structure and stuff like that. It took me almost 4 days, but it was worth it – now everything is neat and clear, and I can easily work with previously made levels.

I’ve also worked on a color palette of the game – now it’s a bit softer and pleasant.

Slide v 0 2014-02-18 20-13-45-99

Now, for the plans.

We still do not have sounds in the game, or any deat\birth animations.

We are also planning to submit SLIDE on Steam Greenlight. Sure, we have a Greenlight concept pagem but not whole lots of traffic there =)

So, we are staying busy.

Ok, that’s it for today’s update.

See you later =)

2 thoughts on “SLIDE – demo available!

  1. Hi! Nice to see the progress!
    I don’t see a problem with the hero – it quite fits the rest of the level. I would not think that it is a placeholder if I did not read the text.
    I do have some problem with controls – space is a big button and unwieldly for precise combo or timing. I would rather prefer something like numpad arrow keys and insert for jumping. Or, at least, ctrl as an alternative jump button.
    This made me give up on level 4. Or, perhaps, I never liked doing precision jumps in platformers.

    • Hello! Thanks for your feedback!

      If you wish, you can change controls – in the settings window which pops up when you launch the game. And even without it you can use Left Mouse Button to jump – I jump with LMB =))

      Could you also tell me how did you like Super Meat Boy?


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