About me

Hello everyone!
My name is Arseniy, pleased to meet you.

I was born September 26, 1987. Not that it matters to you but for me that event is kinda important.

I’m in game design slightly longer than 1.5 years. During this time I had worked on 3 already released at that time titles. I also was in charge of development of a brand new social beat’em up “Ruffian”.
Now I am working independently on a game, and telling everyone who wants to listen everything about it.

I like video games, Muay Thai kickboxing, snowboarding and playing guitar (despite the fact that i’m awful at it).
Mot that long ago I got hooked by psychology. It all started with psychologyofgames.com, continued with Dan Ariely’s works, and now I have a long list of books to read.

There are 3 reasons for me to write this blog:

  1. My English isn’t that good, and practice might help me upgrade this skill
  2. Self-reflection and observation leads to personal improvement and development
  3. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw some attention and peer base to my baby-project.
  4. Writing a blog imposes some responsibility, so I have to work harder on my game.

Hope you like what I have to share and we’ll see what happens next!

Post your comments here!

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