Bright future, anyone?

Graffiti by banksy

Graffiti by banksy

When I was a kid, older people always said something like “their generation is the future” about me – about us. I’m 28 now, and I keep thinking about my daughter exactly the same. Their generation is the future.

I look around and I see people stroking their phones. Drinking. Being dumb beyond belief. Made by the same defective template. At some point in time we stopped being bright future and turned into dull present. We’ve achieved nothing. And now we lay the responsibility to be the future on kids. Our job is to earn money, their job is to be the future. They’ll do it fine.

We repeat – like repeating stuff makes it true – they are the future. We repeat it until we stop understanding the meaning of those words. We just know – they ARE. For some reason we dare to believe that they will do the job that we have screwed up.

How can we expect good future if we failed to deliver decent present? Where will it come from? We cannot teach them anything good. We have fucked it all up.

Stuff’n’Stuff 02: A Crap into the Future and Kicking in the Balls

I’ve been exposed to the Internet for more that a decade, and look at me – writing my second post like a grown man. Given the fact that no one gives a fuck (well, that didn’t take long) about what I’m going to say, I feel not like an adult, but like an old moron.

Anyway, here is some crap I intend to talk about:

  1. the value of ideas and why friends suck
  2. my hypotheses (and an experiment) about whether one should pay strangers to help him make a game
  3. authority of team leader and the fail of democracy
  4. paranoia of creative folk, even if they are not creative at all
  5. the image of an indie developer
  6. how big fails encourage and small ones frustrate

It’s going to be mainly my observations of my own mistakes. Hope it’s going to be entertaining – who does not like to see others fail – makes you feel so smart and think you would never do such an idiotic thing. It’s like a joke, some dude gets kicked in the balls – so much sadistic fun, until it happens to you.

So, I guess I’ll eventually write my version of “how to make wrong decisions” or “what dummies do” or “trivial stuff, I should have googled it”. And yeah, most of this stuff can be easily found in the Internet. And I even read most of it. But like I said – kicking in the balls.

But wait, what about me, talking about the game of my dreams?

We’ll get to it.